FLÖKI - Sheep Dung Smoked Reserve - 47%

FLÖKI - Sheep Dung Smoked Reserve - 47%

80,00 €Prix

Single Malt Whisky, Islande, Eimverki, 50cl


Nose: Unmistakable notes of fresh oak and young malt, but it is also good quality stuff. The sheep dung smoke does not smell shit at all, which I guess would be your first question. There is a distinct smoky character to the spirit, that is for sure. I would describe it as a strangely sweet, off-beat, dry-ish and "green" smokiness. I also find vanilla, mustard seeds and white pepper here.

Taste: Medium body and prickly-creamy (Hah!) mouthfeel. Again the strangely sweet and green smoke, now mixed with lots of pepper (white, black, rosé and light chili). Grass and mint.

Finish: Relatively short finish. A touch of smoky After Eight chocolate. Big oaky sweetness. It lands quickly and in a very tidy way. No loose ends here. It all comes to an end in a balanced way.